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Dr. Kimberly Wilson is the go-to-expert for high-achieving women experiencing burnout.  Her mission is to cure 5,500 women of burnout, in honor of her grandmother’s legacy.  She is skilled at helping women in banking, technology, and health care.  



A 5 step plan for overcoming motivating and mitigating factors inherent within poor financial boundaries, and how that manifests within unhealthy relationships --by the creator of the Burnout Cure herself "Dr. Kimberly Wilson".



5 Steps to End Financial Foolishment

Family & Friends Edition: Recognizing How Unhealthy Relationships Impact Wealth

Marsha, a friend of the family, approached the latter stages of her career in fear and panic.  While her peers were happily retiring, she was signing up for opportunities to continue to work after retirement.  Her family, specifically her children and grandchildren, were draining her accounts regularly. 

Marsha always felt guilty because her children’s fathers were not in their lives, and because of that, her children experienced some traumas within this dynamic.  She conditioned her children to understand that her guilt was a commodity that could be leveraged to get what they needed and wanted.  The children always had the best of the best, latest fashions, cars, and anything they wanted. 

When Marsha’s children became adults, they didn’t worry about keeping or maintaining a job.  Their mother funded every activity, paid for apartments, paid off credit cards, bailed her girls out of jail, and paid for elective cosmetic surgeries.  She decided to get into real estate to begin to have another stream of income to support her three adult children and grandchildren.  She reasoned that if she just bought them houses, it’d be so much cheaper than paying their rent.  One of the children was able to successfully get her name on the property and refused to give it back to her mother. 

Marsha can never retire.  She has now conditioned her grandchildren that she is the financial solution to all problems.  You’d think that Marsha is the exception, but I’ve heard variations of this story many times.  Women who are unable to enjoy their lives because of unhealthy family and friend dynamics.